Guest Directory From A to Z

From lost & found to a last-minute shoeshine, we know you have questions, and we have all the answers, from A to Z.


Accessible Services

We offer special services if you require accommodations that meet ADA standards. “Touch” Reception.

Air conditioning & Heating

The controls for the temperature and fan speed are located on the bedside console. If you require any assistance, “Touch” Guest Services assistance, please touch Guest Services.

Airport Transportation

For transportation rates and reservations please contact our Concierge, including a “Touch” Concierge feature.

Alarm Clock/Wake-Up Calls 

Your room is equipped with an alarm clock next to your bed. You may also arrange for a wake-up call. “Touch” 0, by dialing the operator.


Baby cribs

Baby cribs and supplies are available and may be obtained through Housekeeping. “Touch” Guest Services.

Baggage Services

Please contact the Bell Desk for baggage pickup, delivery, storage or related services. “Touch” Bellman.

Business Center

For your business service needs, please contact our Business Center at extension 7 + 7780. “Touch” 7 + 7780.


Call/Message Forwarding

If you will be leaving your room and are expecting an important call or message, please advise our operator of where you may be reached, and the call or message will be forwarded to you. “Touch” 0.


Please contact the Guest Services Agents at the Reception Desk who will be pleased to exchange. “Touch” Reception for foreign currency and travelers checks, or to provide you with a safe deposit box at no charge.

Children's Services

Our Housekeeping Department carries a wide range of items for babies and young children, such as cribs and strollers. “Touch” Guest Services.

Courier/Mail Service 

Our Mail Desk staff will be pleased to assist you with courier and mail services. “Touch” Mail Desk.



If you are shipping an item to our hotel, please ensure that the item will arrive during your dates of stay. Also ensure that the name used on the package corresponds with the name of your room reservation. All packages can either be delivered to your room or picked up at our Mail Desk. Package fees apply. “Touch” 6780 to reach our Package department. 

Doctor and Dentist

The services of a doctor or dentist are available through Guest Services. If you require urgent attention, "Touch" 6853. Please touch the EMERGENCY button on your phone or touch extension 664.

Do not disturb

If you do not wish to be disturbed, please press the Do Not Disturb button on your bedside panel. If you do not wish to receive telephone calls, please press “0” and inform the operator.



In the event of an emergency, please "Touch" the Emergency button or extension 664 on your telephone.



In the unlikely event of a fire, please touch the Emergency button or 664 button on your telephone and give “Touch” Emergency your name and the location of the fire. Do not attempt to extinguish the fire. Our in-house safety team will respond immediately. Please stay in your room unless unsafe or directed otherwise by the Fire Department or Hotel

Food Delivery

If you wish to order outside food, please be aware that guests will be required to pick up their delivery at our Mail Desk.

Front office Manager

Our Front Office Manager is at your service in the lobby 24 hours a day. “Touch” 6034.



If you would like to retrieve your car from the Hotel’s garage, touch extension 6719 to make arrangements. Please allow 30 minutes for the delivery of your car.



Housekeeping service is offered daily and twice daily in The Towers and is available 24 hours a day. If you prefer service at specific times during your stay, please advise Housekeeping. “Touch” 0.



For immediate delivery of ice to your room, please call the Room Service Department. “Touch” Room Service.


High-speed internet access is available from your room for $15.99 per day. Internet access in The Towers is complimentary. “Touch” Internet Support to connect your device, follow the instructions below:

  • Select the proper Wi-Fi network (SSID) from your device): “The Palace” or “The Palace Towers”.
  • Go to your web browser, “Safari” or “Internet Explorer” or “Google Chrome”, etc.
  • Go to any new website, such as or, etc. • You will be redirected to the hotel splash page.
  • You will now be asked a series of questions: The name that the room is registered to (must be the same as check-in name), room number, email address, etc.
  • Next you will be asked to select a Wi-Fi package: Enter the number of days you would like your Wi-Fi package, then select “guest internet access $15.99” per day.

Guests will have the option to connect up to five devices for one single charge for $15.99. If you are registering on a second, third, fourth or fifth device, please select “add device.” You will need to do this step for each device.

  • If you are staying in “The Towers” you will avoid the last step all together.
  • You should now be connected to the internet (
  • If you have any questions or problems, please call the internet desk, they can be reached by selecting the “Internet Support” button on the hotel phone in your room.


Laundry/Valet & Pressing

Dry cleaning, laundry and pressing services are available. “Touch” Laundry/Valet. Special express service is available at an additional charge. Laundry and valet bags may be found in your closet.

Lost & Found

For any lost items, please contact our Lost and Found Department. “Touch” 6521.



Incoming guest mail is kept at the Mail and Information Desk in the Lobby or, if requested, delivered to your room. “Touch” Mail/Fax Stamps are available at the Mail Desk.


The message light flashes on your telephone in the event that you have a voicemail, fax, or any other message. “Touch” Messages button to receive your messages. Please refer to the instructions to record a personalized greeting for your room.


Safes and Safe Deposit Boxes 

Complimentary safe deposit boxes are available at the Mail Desk 24 hours a day. A personal safe is also provided “Touch” 6300 in the closet of your room. Instructions for entering your personal code are located on the safe.


Hotel security is provided 24 hours a day by security officers as well as with closed circuit TV coverage of public “Touch” 6850 areas. For your own safety and protection, please double-lock and engage the night bar on your door.


Our Housekeeping Staff will be pleased to provide you with a complimentary shoeshine at any time during the day. “Touch” Laundry/Valet  if you would like your shoes to be polished overnight, please place them in the bag located in the closet, and leave them outside your door prior to 1am. Your shoes will be returned by 7am the next morning.