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The City That Never Sleeps offers something special for everyone. While you’re here, we want you to experience the very best that our city has to offer. As a guest of The Palace, we invite you to take advantage of exclusive access and spare no time nor detail in getting there. Our dedicated team of Les Clefs d'Or concierge is here to help you find “your perfect version of New York City” ranging from unique culinary adventures to special experiences both grand and small. Allow our team to help you make the most of every New York minute, starting right here at Lotte New York Palace.

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Isabella has served 24 years at The Palace. In that time, she has witnessed the evolution of our hotel, our guests, and our city, serving as a constant for both new and returning visitors. She’s traveled the world, studied multiple languages, and raised four children in New York City—all while keeping detailed logs of her travels and experiences. Isabella is an expert-level researcher, and consistently brings her discoveries about the world to our Concierge desk, sharing them generously with those curious enough to see the city through her observant eyes.

concierge  diego chinigo


A concierge’s job is not simply to make a recommendation but to find the right recommendation for the right visitor. Diego underscores the importance in connecting with our guests, and understanding whether they prefer the quiet cafe on a tree-lined street, the former movie theatre turned trendy celebrity hotspot, or perhaps the restaurant with novel inspiring views. Diego believes in keeping things relaxed, making the most of your time, and as he says best, “finding your perfect NYC.”

concierge kal naim


You’re always royalty at The Palace, especially in Kal’s hands. He comes to New York City by way of the Middle East where he worked as a hotelier and provided direct support to a royal family for many years. Kal understands both sides of the concierge desk. His lived experiences have trained him to handle the logistic demands that high-end travel requires, while his natural inclination toward being of service to others helps him deliver enchanting experiences for guests and provide timely solutions with ease. Kal has the scoop on some big city secrets—like the hidden subway station in City Hall, and the secret garden atop Rockefeller Center.

concierge ani bedrossian


If you ask Ani for an insider’s tip on the best way to experience NYC, she’ll tell you to just get out and explore. "You need to be willing to get lost and be found," she advises as the best way to understand the city. Known for her warm and gracious demeanor, Ani appreciates even the smallest details in her role as a concierge. She has been collecting memories with guests at Lotte New York Palace since 2005, which includes being a part of several marriage proposals, all moments which she holds dear. Ani is sought out not only for her fashion expertise, but also for her kind approach and versatile skillset which makes her comfortable handling a myriad of special requests.

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Hailing from Sao Paolo, Brazil, Christian has an insatiable passion for travel. He has explored over 55 countries and lived in many parts of the world. Brimming with a "Concierge instinct," he delights in assisting our cherished guests, fellow travelers and locals alike. New York City holds a special place in his heart, as he is captivated by its ever-changing landscape, always discovering something new. Beyond his wanderlust, Christian has a passion for dining and trying new cuisine. He is eager to provide our guests with thoughtful dining recommendations, ensuring they have a memorable culinary experience during their visit.