NYC Wedding Planning at Lotte New York Palace

Arrange a Picture-Perfect Occasion

Lotte New York Palace is known for its personalized service with every detail of your Manhattan wedding considered and every expectation exceeded with our expert staff. Our passionate team of Catering event professionals is eager to assist in creating your vision of the perfect wedding from the moment you tour the hotel and event space to when you say “I Do.”

Lotte New York Palace Catering Team:


Bebhinn Gallen                                                   Billy Panagiotopoulos
Director of Catering                                             Catering Sales Manager

Leonardo Lorenzo                                                   Michelle Menard
Associate Dir. of Catering                                       Catering Coordinator

Rachel Wolff                                                                    Edyta Jakubik
  Catering Sales Manager                                                  Catering Coordinator

Megan Barry
Catering Coordinator

Contact Lotte New York Palace's Catering team directly by calling 212-303-7766, emailing us at, or submitting a Request for Proposal. You can also learn more about our lavish New York City weddings by viewing our gallery.